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Web-filtering and Security

Websense, Inc. enables organizations to manage employee Internet use, through multilayered Web-filtering
and security solutions. Websense protects organizations from new and emerging threats, such as spyware
and MMC, complementing traditional security solutions. Websense's award-winning and industry-leading
filtering solutions help organizations to manage how employees use the Web, providing multiple layers of
policy enforcement at the Internet gateway, network and desktop, to offer complete protection against
emerging threats.

Using Arctic IT as your Websense partner, you can help your organization to: 

  • block threats before they reach the end point.
  • identify new threats quickly.
  • decrease threat exposure time.
  • stop resident damage from spyware.
  • prevent dangerous protocol-based applications from introducing security problems.
  • implement security policies which fully support your organization's acceptable usage policy.

Contact Arctic IT today and we will help you discover how Websense can provide security for your business. 

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